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Dumps International present: Real plastic production; equipment;
dumps (track1 and track2); CC info; search SSN, MMN and DOB.
Our team consists only of professionals.
All people are checked up by time and
are reputable. We are known on, Our friends 4x4 ™, David®,
cosinus, TeckZ, Zo0mer, CCpower.
We express them respect.
want to own that car?

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Our services is for you!



Real plastic production

Equipment for carding
Dumps (track1 & track2)
Credit card info
Search SSN, MMN, DOB

Big request to ours customers

If support takes a long time to answer you, please be patient. Remember that there is only two people on support and so many of you so be patient until you get a response!

Best regards,

support Team
ICQ Support 1: 354114840
ICQ Support 2: 377667918



Before you ask our support for help, please read below:

What is a dump?
A card dump is the embedded information on a magnetic strip which contains the cardholder's name, expiration, and card number. It usually consists of 3 tracks with the first 2 being the most important.

How can it be used?
If you have the first 2 tracks combined with a Card writer, you can write on a card the information and it will work just as an original card.

You sell dumps+pin?
From time to time we have limited quantities that sell out fast.

For what services is a SSN, MMN, DOB search necessary?
It can be used to enroll a card for online services. Can be useful to recover passwords for forgotten online bank logins. There is many uses which I can't mention all here.

How fast is my order processed after payment?
Western Union maximum 48 (more often 10-14) hrs, e-gold - instantly after payment.

Do you offer any test dumps or credit card "full info"?
We absoultately don't give out any tests of any of our products. If you would like, purchase 1 product and if you like purchase a bulk of that product. Don't waste your time and ours.

We request you not to write "hi", "how r u", etc etc. all similar references and questions will be ignored on ICQ.

Dumps International
All your service needs in carding.

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